The 2023 Top Real-Time Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is one of the few truly classic casino games, and with the advent of live dealer technology, it has become even more exciting to play blackjack online. Our team of specialists has compiled a list of the finest places to play blackjack online with real dealers.

You’ll find our review methodology, details on how to play live blackjack, and, most importantly, winning blackjack strategy on this page.


We guarantee that all the recommended websites will have:


Incredible live dealer software hosted by the best dealers in the business.

Money-saving sign-up bonuses to help you get started

Reputations, online safety, and customer service that can’t be cracked

Live Blackjack: The Basics


Blackjack with a live dealer is astonishingly close to the game played at land-based casinos, and the same basic principles apply. The three most important pieces of advice from our specialists are as follows:


One, Get Your Strategy Down

Learning the optimal action to take in each given situation is the crux of blackjack strategy. It takes effort, but here are some helpful guidelines:


If the dealer does not have a ten or ace, you should double down on hard 10. Any time you have a hard 11 and the dealer does not have an ace, you should double down.

Split the aces and eights always. Never separate tens and fives.

Never go for a hard 11 or less, and never go for a soft 17 or more. Never sit on a hard 17 or greater and never sit on a soft 19.

  1. Opt for games with a small house edge.

There are many variants of live dealer blackjack accessible at online casinos. Don’t pick a random one to sit down at.


Try to find blackjack tables with favorable regulations, such as making the dealer stand on soft 17, that employ fewer than six decks. The house edge and the odds of winning can be drastically altered by either of these.


Insurance and “Even Money” should never be accepted.

Insurance is a side wager available at some casinos and is made when the dealer shows an ace. The insurance bet returns 2 to 1 if the dealer has blackjack.


Although you may have heard that there are times when insurance is a good idea, we can assure you that none of those times apply to you. If you’re going to gamble, you should avoid insurance because the odds are so stacked against you.


How many distinct varieties of “Live Blackjack” are there?

Most online casinos’ live dealer game lobbies will showcase fewer blackjack variants than their virtual counterparts. The most popular blackjack games played with live dealers are as follows:


21 in Spanish

This entertaining variant of blackjack features a number of rule adjustments, the most notable of which is the elimination of all tens from the deck. In addition to the fact that a player’s blackjack beats the dealer’s, late surrender is permitted, splitting is permitted, and aces may be re-split.


“Switch” in Blackjack

In this fascinating variant of blackjack, each player is dealt four cards (two two-card hands), and they may exchange cards between their hands in order to form stronger ones.


Mirror Image

Instead of dealing the initial card face down, the dealer reveals both of her cards in this common variation. The casino only pays 1 to 1 on blackjacks and pushes (ties) go to the dealer because you have an advantage because to the extra piece of information.


When comparing Live Blackjack and Online Blackjack, what are the key differences?

There is little difference between the two games mechanically, however there are some superficial differences:


Unlike in a computerized, RNG-based system, the cards in live casino blackjack are dealt by a human dealer.

The better services allow you to chat with the dealers in real time, making the whole thing a lot more fun and social.

The number of hands played per hour will likely decrease when using a human dealer instead of a random number generator. As compared to the lightning-fast pace of standard online blackjack, this version will feel more like playing in a traditional casino setting.

Because of the increased overhead involved in running a studio and employing a live dealer, the minimum bets on some live casino blackjack games are higher than those found in traditional casinos.

Live dealer mobile blackjack games Online blackjack has seen a radical transformation since the introduction of live dealers, and the game keeps getting better. Play blackjack against a live dealer from the convenience of your mobile device.


Fast mobile devices provide an exceptional gaming experience and far more portability than PCs. You may play in your browser, and some casinos even have downloadable apps with greater features.


In 2023, games will be compatible with most mobile devices. The setup process is a breeze for iOS and Android users.


Casinos Offering Live Blackjack

Online blackjack can be played at any number of reputable casinos. We’ve compiled a list of the top rated places to play Live Blackjack below.


Casino Spin Jackpot City

Ruby Luck

Betway FAQs


Just what is blackjack with a live dealer?

In live dealer blackjack, a real person acts as the dealer and shuffles and hands out real playing cards. Using a real-time HD video feed, you may place bets, make decisions, and communicate with the dealer from the comfort of your own home, office, or on the go.


What kinds of blackjack games are played in real time?

Although there are less options than with standard online blackjack, players can still enjoy games like Spanish 21, Double Exposure Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch.


Does live dealer blackjack have the same odds as regular blackjack?

Yes. Both the rules and the odds of the game remain the same. Keep in mind that a player’s approach has a significant impact on their probabilities in blackjack.

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